Interesting Facts About Denver

If you make a trip to Denver, you’re assured of having a unique experience. Local people and visitors find it hard to compare a lot of cities in America to the great mountain ranges in Denver. Available green spaces, professional sports teams, beer gardens and some of the best activities in the country are all found in Denver.

Those searching for new and exciting places, Denver city is the best destination for you. It serves as a center for business, history, entertainment among many more. Some of the unique and interesting facts about the city of Denver are listed below:

– Professional Sports Teams

Denver City has 5 professional sports teams such as:

1. Colorado Avalanche – the National Hockey League
2. Colorado Rapids – the Major League Soccer
3. Denver Broncos – the National Football League
4. Colorado Rockies – the Major League Baseball
5. Denver Nuggets – for the National Basketball Association

– Denver is King of Brewing Beer

In the whole of the U.S, no other city brews beer compared to Denver. There’re a few innovative breweries such as The Great Divide, Breckenridge, Rock Bottom Brewery, Wynkoop Brewing Company and many more. In case you plan of travelling in Denver, you don’t have to worry about beverages since there’s always enough quality beverages.

– Concerts Galore

There’re very many impressive musicians who come from Denver such as the One Republic and the Fray. Today, Denver city is one of the destinations that a lot of people seek to perform in since there’s a huge number of amazing music venues.

– Airport and Art Museum

The International Airport of Denver is considered as one of the state’s busiest airports. It also houses a number of really spectacular art exhibitions as well as a few permanent art installations. One of the most recognized exhibitions is the popular giant blue horse, also known as the Mustang and Blucifer.

– Green City

From renewable energy and global warming to environmental cleanup, Denver city is coming up as a leader for sustainable cities. The Toyota Elephant Passage in Denver’s Zoo makes use of a biomass system which turns animal waste and human trash into energy that can power the exhibit. Also, millions of trees have been planted in Denver.

Now that you have all these facts and information about Denver, you should take a visit and experience it all yourself! There’s always something interesting and fun to do in the Green city.